• Ambria Camelle


Updated: Jun 1, 2018


Are My Clients Happy With My Work??

Am I Asking The Right Questions?

I've heard my entire life, "You ask too many questions." I've always insisted, "I'll never know the answer if I don't ask the question."

In my four years in business, I've learned the more questions you ask, the more prepared you'll be. Thousands of clients have sat in my chair...different ethnicities...varying skin tones. They come to me with photos of their "desired look" in hopes that I will achieve exactly that.

I remember my first year in business, I was clueless. I would look at the picture and do exactly as they asked. Not realizing, they didn't want the exact look that they saw. It was only after I finished that they would look in the mirror and want to make changes. I began to question myself as an artist. What was I doing wrong?? The more clients I had, I started to realize...


I was merely going off of what they showed me, but I didn't take the time to ensure that's what they actually wanted. It seems like common sense that if someone shows you a photo of what they want, they want just that. However, that's not true. We all have done it at some point. We see a photo of a beautiful hair style or a nice outfit. We love it in the photo, but when we see it on us, it may not jump out at us the same way.

As an artist and especially a business owner, you have to ensure you are asking the right questions. When a client shows you a photo of their desired look, start incorporating some of the following questions in your initial consult:

  1. Do you normally wear makeup? If so, what is your daily routine?

  2. Do you prefer more earth tones or bold colors?

  3. Are there any colors that you would like to stay away from?

  4. Are you comfortable with false lashes? Have you ever worn them before?

These questions and more will get the conversation going and help you to customize the look for your client. You'd be surprised, the more questions you ask, the happier your client will be. It will allow those creative juices to start flowing on both ends. Asking more questions has completely changed my business for the better. My clients have complete confidence in me after our initial consult. They know I understand exactly what they are looking for.

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